Business and Industry in Mulberry

Being in the middle of Central Florida, supplier of one third of the world's phosphate, has earned Mulberry the title of "Phosphate Mining Capital of the World." Because of its plentiful supply of phosphate, phosphate mining has always been a huge industry in Mulberry. The largest phosphate company that operates in Mulberry is Mosaic.

Tampa Electric Company (TECO) is another large company with important operations near Mulberry. Their Polk Power Station, 13 miles south of Mulberry, is one of the most technologically advanced power plants in the country.

For a small town, Mulberry is home to many large, important companies. One of the most famous companies to be based in Mulberry is Badcock Home Furniture & more, which has its world headquarters there. Other businesses based in Mulberry include Danielle Fence Manufacturing, which makes industrial, residential, and commercial fencing; Mulberry Railcar Repair Company, a professional rail car repair, maintenance, and car cleaning services provider; and Clark Environmental, a transporter and disposer of industrial waste. One of the first companies ever founded in Polk County was Mulberry's own Mine and Mill Industrial Supply Company. Mine and Mill has been serving Polk County and all of Florida for over 100 years, and today they are considered one of Florida's top industrial firms.

DCR Services, Inc. is a holding company comprised of a group of companies that provide engineering, fabrication, general and mechanical construction, electrical installation, control system automation, and wireless broadband to industrial and municipal customers nationally and internationally. The 28 year old company is a strong supporter of various community organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Central Florida Development Council, Mulberry Phosphate Museum and Floridians for Industry, Jobs and Growth.

Mulberry Statistics

Incorporated: 1901
Population: 3.327
Mulberry Area Population: 50,000
Land Area: 5 1/2 Square Miles
Altitude: 125 Feet Above Sea Level